10 Reasons to Love Elizabeth Medina Photography

10 Reasons to Love Elizabeth Medina Photography

Primarily, Elizabeth has admitted her blog posts have declined over the past year and I know it’s because she is one of the most sought after destination wedding photographers in Mexico. Moreover, it’s difficult to be amazingly gifted, in high demand, and have the time to write a blog! I am always thrilled to post any pictures I can get from Elizabeth with her demanding schedule. Below, I have featured photos from Brittany and Tyler’s wedding. This wonderful couple was married at the Martoca Beach Garden in Puerto Vallarta. Notably, it was a chic mix of bohemian, rustic with some very nice traditional elements to it. As always Elizabeth thanks for sharing your gift with us! Now, let see the 10 Reasons to Love Elizabeth Medina Photography!

Photography credits from Elizabeth Medina Photography
Wedding Design and Coordination by Thedazzlingdetails.com

1.Having Fun with Color
The first reason to love Elizabeth Medina Photography is that the fun is all in the details. Beautiful colour choice for your bridesmaids dresses Brittany. Even before the wedding, having the bridal party in matching outfits, wonderful idea!
1 puerto-wedding-photographer-elizabeth-medina-074

2a puerto-wedding-photographer-elizabeth-medina-0651

2. Showcasing the Beauty of the Bride
So, beautiful moment with the bride getting ready for her big moment.
2b puerto-wedding-photographer-elizabeth-medina-068

3…And the Groom Of Course
 Groom getting ready for wedding day.

4. Have Your Wedding Tell a Story
Importantly, Elizabeth is known for amazing picture set-ups that tell the wedding story!
4 puerto-wedding-photographer-elizabeth-medina-080

What Else?

5. It’s All About the Details
Details, details, detail! Captured beautifully and forever by Elizabeth Medina Photography.
5 puerto-wedding-photographer-elizabeth-medina-095

6. Capturing the Moment
Also, the flower detail on this gazebo lends itself to a brilliantly tropical wedding feel.
6 puerto-wedding-photographer-elizabeth-medina-094

7….And Keeping the Moments Going
Comparatively, moments like these are forever in our hearts!
7 puerto-wedding-photographer-elizabeth-medina-077

8. The Combination of Colors and Beauty
Consequently, Puerto Vallarta is one of the most sought after destinations for weddings!
8 puerto-wedding-photographer-elizabeth-medina-0871

9. Who Doesn’t Want Romantic Beach Pictures?
Furthermore, romantic moments beachside beautifully framed by Elizabeth Medina.
Reasons to Love Elizabeth Medina Photography

10. Want This Ceremony? I do.
Lastly, Images like these taken and framed in beautiful unison are just a taste of what you can expect when you work with Elizabeth Medina Photography.
10 puerto-wedding-photographer-elizabeth-medina-115