10 Reasons To Book Claudia Rodrigues Photography

First of all, want the most amazing wedding pictures for your special day! Claudia Rodriguez will capture those oh so incredibly special moments you have dreamed about your whole life. Therefore, Claudia and her team of dedicated wedding photographers have the passion and the never ending enthusiasm to bring your wedding day memories to life! Importantly, I’m thrilled to blog some of my favourite Claudia pictures today. For more information about Claudia and her team, please visit Claudia Rodriguez Photography. So, let’s check out 10 reasons to book Claudia Rodrigues Photography!

1. Capturing Those Couple Moments
Firstly, when you have a destination wedding, capturing specific moments is key to beautiful photos.
As you can see here, the sun and silhouettes are amazing in this Mexico setting.
 couple at sunset in Mexico

2. Enhancing Your Surroundings
Importantly, the charm and decor of Mexico should always be highlighted in your photos, these photographers
know how to do it.

Couple with mexican door picture

3. Trashing the Dress
Notably, encouragement to trash your dress is always needed because look at the results!
Trash the Dress photography

4. Pure Love
Moreover, sometimes it is all about capturing the love between the bride and groom, just like this beautiful photo.
Couple in a trash the dress photo

5. Works of Art
Consequently, sometimes the most simple photo can create a work of art, photos that you almost can’t believe is you!
Couple on the beach at sunset


6. Creativity
Creative wedding photography is a given, that way you have some unique photos that separate
your weddings photos from the rest.

Bridal party on the beach

7. Timing is Everything
Sometimes the best photos just need to include you, your partner, and the sun!
couple at sunset with sun

8. That Veil Though
This wedding veil adds the perfect touch! Make sure your photographer takes advantage of all
your wedding accessories.

Couple with wedding veil on beach

9. Having Fun!
Ultimately, silhouette pictures can add an amazing dynamic! Not to mention include a little fun in all the picture
taking throughout the day.

Evening sunset deck picture

10. Capturing the Laughter
Finally, laughter, love, and great wedding memories! So, seeing you and your partner in your natural state can
capture the best photos.

Reasons To Book Claudia Rodrigues Photography