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Picking a Destination Wedding Resort

Advice From Bride-To-Be and Liz Moore Travel Agent Specialist, Allison Tatham.

This month, we have the very talented Allison Tatham shedding some light on what’s like planning a destination wedding. Allison Tatham is one of our very own travel agent specialists. If you missed last week, make sure you click this link to see her advice on destinations for future brides. This week, however, she will be discussing picking a destination wedding resort. We have asked her three popular questions when it comes to picking a resort. Let’s take a look!

#1: What resort did you pick for your Destination Wedding?


Iberostar Playa Mita in Punta de Mita, Mexico. This is not only an all-inclusive resort but a 5-star premium gold hotel. Restaurants and resort activities are supposed to be absolutely amazing! It’s conveniently close to the Puerto Vallarta International Airport, which makes it a lot easier for all of the guests.

#2: What was important to you when it came to the venue?

Picking a Destination Wedding Resort

We wanted something that would appeal to all of our guests. The venue needed to be affordable yet stunning. We didn’t want to go to a resort where we felt like we were on top of each other, yet we wanted a resort that wasn’t so big that we would not be able to find our friends and family. This resort is a perfect size. Our guest list is quite large for a destination wedding, so we also needed a venue that could accommodate a large number of guests for the ceremony and reception. We also wanted a resort that would allow us to add our own flavour. The wedding planner has been extremely helpful in telling us how we can truly make this occasion exactly what we want it to be.

#3: Adults only or Family-Friendly? Why?


Consequently, we chose a family-friendly resort. Many of our friends and family have young children and we wanted to allow them the opportunity to have a family vacation as well as join us in celebrating our marriage. Family-friendly resorts are also, in general, more financially acceptable. They allow the adults to have a great time and the kids to play to their heart’s content. Family-friendly resorts often have children’s programs available for kids to play with other kids under the supervision of trained staff.

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