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One Month Until Our Dream Wedding

Something that always amazes me when I interview couples about their upcoming wedding is how calm they are, even one month away. The destination has been picked, the resort has been booked, and the vendors have been sorted. The wonderful Ryan and Nadine answered some of our usual questions and included some beautiful pictures along with them. One Month Until Our Dream Wedding is a feature to showcase the easy nature of having a destination wedding and congratulate this lovely couple on taking the next step!

The Couple

Ryan Flear and Nadine Akey
Wedding Date: Feb 5th, 2018
Location: Punta Cana, beach at Sirenis

What made you want to have a destination wedding?

Our family is from all east and all west so this was a way for everyone to travel and make it beautiful!

The Wedding

What about your destination wedding are you and your partner looking forward to the most?

The white sand and that beautiful water!

Have you decided on any vendors yet? Photographer? Makeup Artist? Floral arrangement?

Yes! Bringing our photographer, the flowers, and rest have been looked after at least I hope by the wedding coordinator at Sirenis Kenisha.

The Agent

Who is your agent and how did you hear about Liz Moore Destination Weddings?

Allison Tathem, work with her in her alter-ego paramedic life  

What about your destination or resort attracted you to have your wedding there?

Allison said ohh go here! It’s in your affordability wheelhouse.

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