5 Spring 2016 Wedding Hairstyles

Primarily, we’ve got the latest spring 2016 wedding hairstyles that will make you want to have your wedding right now! Comparatively, these will be great for local or destination weddings. Some are more simple, include accessories, and will be easy to maintain throughout your whole wedding celebrations! Furthermore, let us know what you think or send us a picture of your hairstyle to be featured in our next hairstyle blog!

spring 2016 wedding hairstyles

1. Flower Ties
Firstly, Flower ties are a very popular spring 2016 wedding hairstyles at the moment. They had some colour and extra detail to your overall look. Furthermore, what I think that will make the flower ties look the best is making sure you have light waves or curls, just to make sure they look a bit more natural and allow them to stay in for the whole night!

spring 2016 wedding hairstyles

2. A Simple Rose
Additionally, what I love about this idea is that a simple accessory can match your bouquet of flowers. Therefore, this highlights the colour scheme and makes the flowers stand out so nicely next to your white dress. This is a great idea for a destination wedding because it carries on the scheme of romance, scenery, and the beautiful colours around you.

spring 2016 wedding hairstyles

3. Hippy Fun
Moreover, I love this hairstyle, it will suit someone who is care-free and loves bringing back the 60s! Once again, the colours will bring out your bouquet but bring out such a casual, fun vibe when you are walking down the aisle. Another great choice for a destination wedding because the beach photos will be to do die for!


4. Less Simple
Okay, this one is my favourite spring 2016 wedding hairstyles! The braid into the flower looks spectacular! If you want an up-do for your wedding, this should be one of the options. Thusly, the curls make a beautiful bun, and the flower is the icing on the cake! Therefore, if you want something that isn’t simple and you want it up, you won’t regret doing this style!

spring 2016 wedding hairstyles

5. The Colour Bun
Finally, if you would rather have your hair up, and you have some highlights/lowlights in your hair, consider this beautiful option! Additionally, you wouldn’t need to add a flower or accessory because the colours of your hair would make it stand out! Therefore, it is simple, easy to keep up, and is still absolutely beautiful.

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