My Daughter’s Destination Wedding

Here at Liz Moore Destination Weddings, we spend a lot of time interviewing people to assist future clients with their destination wedding planning. My Daughter’s Destination Wedding is an interview with Lynn Clayton. Lynn and her family are from Arizona, and today she is giving us some insight on helping her beautiful daughter, Koryn Clayton, plan her dream wedding. Hopefully, you will find this information interesting, and if you have any questions or concerns, please comment below.

My Daughter’s Destination Wedding

Initial Thoughts

I know destination weddings have become very popular. Gabriel, the groom, is 100% Dominican and born in The United States. So, his family wanted to have a reunion in the Dominican Republic, and it seemed fitting to have a destination wedding there. It would bring both sides of the family to The Dominican Republic for their wedding celebration.


Picking a Property

When it came to choosing a property for the destination wedding, the primary factor was the pricing. We are staying at the Dreams La Romana, and it looks beautiful. So far, we haven’t run into any travel related issues with the family or relatives. When it comes to helping my daughter with her destination wedding plans, it’s difficult to choose what part of the process has been my favorite. I’ve enjoyed almost everything about it so far.

Why a Destination Wedding over a Local Wedding?

We have always loved vacationing with our children, so it makes sense that we would continue to do so for celebrations. The main reason we like the idea is that it’s a week long celebration, unlike a local wedding. As I said before, it’s also an excellent opportunity to celebrate two families and cultures coming together.

Our experience working with Liz Moore was fabulous. She answered all our questions, and we had a lot of them. Also, she was very quick to reply and seemed to always be available. We highly recommend Liz Moore and her team for anyone planning a Destination Wedding.

Dreams La Romana Liz Moore
Dreams La Romana, Wedding on the Pier

Tips for Other Mother’s

My daughter’s destination wedding has been great to plan. My advice to other parents would be to take your time, take lots of notes, do your research, and importantly, ask questions! Enjoy this extra time with your daughter and the process it takes to plan a destination wedding, remember that you are making memories together.

My Daughter's Destination Wedding

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