Motherly Destination Wedding Advice

Motherly Destination Wedding AdviceI am Stephanie, the mother of bride-to-be Carolyn. I have to admit when I learned of Carolyn and her fiancé Courtney’s wish to have a destination wedding, it’s not what I pictured. They have both attended destination weddings in the past and had so much fun. For their wedding, they want a more non-traditional and fun-filled time for their guests. Also, a stress-free and great time for themselves and the planners. A destination wedding fit the bill. So I quickly decided that this was their wedding and am now incredibly excited.

We have a large, multi-generational family who live from coast to coast. And the fact that Carolyn and I are planning a wedding from two different states – Carolyn in Illinois and I am in Arkansas adds another layer of challenge. Most of our family and friends are accomplished travelers and love to vacation everywhere, so the travel challenges of a destination wedding will not be so difficult.


Motherly Discussion

After a lot of research, my daughter chose the Majestic Mirage in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, as our resort. She liked it because it is a brand new, state-of-the-art resort with large suites and great amenities. Since resorts may have multiple weddings in one day, Carolyn did not want to have to “share” her day with others. They decided to go off-resort for the ceremony. The dinner/reception at the Jellyfish Restaurant is where they can have more privacy.

With Liz Moore Destination Weddings professionally handling our travel plans, combined with an all-inclusive resort, and the planning and execution by the planners at the Jellyfish, there still are many decisions to make and things to do. However, not nearly as many as a non-destination wedding. We have increased the people working with us and taking some of the burdens to make the wedding memorable and fun.

Wedding Advice

Mothers can sometimes be overbearing (so I’m told!). My one piece of advice for the mother of the bride is to step back from your own preconceived notions of your daughter’s wedding. Offer support, advice, lots of patience and love, and have fun!

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