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Elena Fedorova Mexico Destination Wedding Photographer
Elena Fedorova

Our blog today is all about Mexico Destination Wedding Photographers.  One of our top picks is Elena Fedorova. Firstly, she does amazing wedding photography. Secondly, we have some of her beautiful photography to share.  Thirdly, we will include more information about her services.  Lastly, we will provide you with her contact information. In conclusion, we are incredibly thrilled to show off such a talented photographer. Now, let’s get to know Elena!

Why Destination Wedding Photography

Elena Fedorova states, “Primarily, it is a great honour when people share a part of their life. And choose to work with you. Most importantly, it’s one of the most important days of their life. The day when two hearts in love unite when a new family is created.” As a result, we couldn’t agree more. And love recommending experienced destination wedding photographers, such as Elena.  Because it is such a key day for stellar photography. In other words, Elena truly is one of the best Mexico Destination Wedding Photographers around.

Mexico Destination Wedding Photographer Elena Fedorova

Elena Fedorova Mexico Destination Wedding Photographer

Mexico Wedding Photography

Mexico Destination Wedding photographers are a dime a dozen these days. And we know there are many that go above and beyond for their clients. For Elena she says, “I value this trust, and I understand that the photographs will be the most precious wedding reminder. Because of all the amazing, unforgettable happy moments. That is why the pictures my clients receive are made with my total dedication, inspiration, and unique personal touch.”

Mexico Destination Wedding Photography

Destination Wedding Photography Special Meaning

“Notably, they are corrected to detail and finished to the highest professional standards. And it’s not only photographed, but it is also a story, wrote in a very particular way called, “drawing with light,” cause this is the real meaning of the word “photography.”

Destination Wedding Location

Notably, the location of her office is in Playa del Carmen. However, Elena also specializes in Cancun and Riviera Maya. So, you don’t have the trouble of sending a photographer down to Mexico; she is right there waiting to provide an amazing destination wedding photography experience.

elena fedorova

Mexico Destination Wedding Photography Roots

Firstly, in 2005 I graduated from Saint Petersburg University of Culture and Art, feeling completely lost not knowing what to do next. It was a strange and frustrating feeling to realize that five years of University life gave a pack of knowledge about art and no understanding of my life purpose.

Elena Mexico Wedding Photographer

At this moment of emotional loneliness, I gave myself a promise. Importantly, from now on I will now lose a minute of my life in pointless movements. Life is too precious even to lose one second. Therefore, I started capturing the beauty of the present moment to fill in the future with bright and vivid memories.


I was looking for something that I will love doing with all my heart. Something that will make me wake up early in the morning knowing I have to do something meaningful that will bring positive vibes and emotions into someone’s life. I was dreaming of expressing my artistic vision of life by creating beautiful images…I found it! Photography!


In conclusion, we love Elena and her stunning photography! Although there are many wedding photographers located in Mexico, Elena is something special. Importantly, if you would like to contact Elena about her photography, check out her contact information below:

(+52) 984 150 81 01

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