Men’s Destination Wedding Attire

Men's Destination Wedding Attire

Men’s Destination Wedding Attire

Whether you are the groom, groomsmen, or wedding guest, you have to be dressed in style for a destination wedding! Now, when it comes to your man’s destination wedding attire, you have to know how dressed up you are expected to be for the wedding. Furthermore, the best way to find this out is by asking the bride or groom what they are expecting. If you haven’t thought of what you should wear or have no clue, we have some options below for you to check out!

1. Bow Tie Chic

Importantly, what I like about bow ties when it comes to men’s destination wedding attire is because it keeps it casual but dressed up at the same time. If you match it with suspenders and a charming boutonniere, you’ve got yourself a great destination wedding outfit!

Mens DW Attire 2

2. Shorts and Blazer Combo

The outfit below is more suitable for a destination wedding guest, so if you aren’t sure what you are going to wear, this is an option! Now, if you are someone that wants to wear shorts because of the heat, you can still dress it up. You can do this by matching it with a cute blazer, sunglasses, belt, and watch. You will look nice for the ceremony and be able to take off the blazer later when you hit the dance floor!

Mens DW Attire 3

3. Classic Dress Shirt and Pants

If you are not too worried about the heat, you can’t go wrong with a dress shirt and pants. You will look great and not be too dressed up with your destination wedding attire. This outfit, once again, is a great option for a wedding guest, make sure to match it with some fashionable accessories such as a belt or watch.

Mens DW Attire 4

4. Casual Blue

I love a blue suit, especially for a destination wedding. It is rare that you would see a more traditional black suit at a destination wedding. So if you are looking for a suit that looks more traditional but still keeps a more casual look, go for a blue suit with a button up shirt. You will look great and keep it casual!

Mens DW Attire 5

5. Casual, But Lovely

Comparatively, if you are seeking to have more casual destination wedding attire, you can’t go wrong with this look. If it’s going to be hot and you want to be comfortable but still look great, grab a nice white button up shirt and roll up those pants! However, if you are worried about not looking wedding official, make sure your boutonniere matches your bride’s bouquet!

Mens DW Attire 6

6. Tan, Amazing Destination Wedding Colour

Tan or a light grey is a lovely colour to wear for your destination wedding attire. You can have fun with a splash of other colours and will match any colour scheme that you and your bride have decided to go with for your wedding. If you are looking for a more classy look, grab a vest, tie, and you are ready to go!

Mens DW Attire 8

7. Fancy Blue

Last but not least, if you are looking for the most traditional wedding attire possible, go for blue. Below is a beautiful suit that will make you feel amazing on your wedding day. If you and your fiance are wanting a more classic wedding in your chosen destination, I would recommend this look!

Mens DW Attire 7


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