Huatulco Mexico Weddings

Welcome too Huatulco Mexico Destination Weddings. Now, chances are that you might not have heard about Huatulco, Mexico. For instance, many all-inclusive destination wedding resorts are located in Cancun. And additionally the Riviera Maya. In addition, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos Mexico come in right under them. As a result, Huatulco Mexico often gets overlooked. However, it’s truly an amazing location for destination wedding groups.  I can’t wait to share with you my reasons for celebrating Huatulco Mexico Destination Weddings. And because this destination isn’t known by everyone.  It truly is a hidden gem that will have you returning home incredibly happy.

Dreams Huatulco Weddings

I love everything about Dreams Huatulco. Dreams Huatulco Website. This is a five-star property. Located approximately 20 minutes from Huatulco airport. The beach is fabulous and the location divine. For instance, this property sits amongst a beautiful cove. You can gaze out into the bay and enjoy stunning sunsets. There are some fantastic wedding options here, as well. Similarly, you’ll be able to choose between a beach ceremony. And their lovely wedding gazebo. Enjoy a wedding reception, large or small. Both available on site. The locations are very private. And offers lush surroundings. More about Dreams Huatulco.

Unique Destination Wedding Location
Dreams Huatulco Resort and Spa


Another major plus about Huatulco is the weather, on average, it only gets 30 days of rain a year! So you have a very high chance of having a rain-free wedding day!

Secrets Huatulco Dream Destination Weddings

This property is a fabulous resort for weddings and honeymoons. Secrets Huatulco Website. Firstly, its located in a very private area.  Overlooking a stunning blue ocean. This is an adults-only property.  Therefore, not situated for couples expecting children at their wedding. However, if you are looking for a 5-star luxury Huatulco all-inclusive resort. This is your perfect wedding location. More about Secrets Huatulco.

Secrets Huatulco
secrets huatulco
Secrets Huatulco

Additional Huatulco Activities

Huatulco Mexico is a snorkelers paradise. I enjoyed one of the best excursion days ever here. Tours can be booked in advance. And often even the day from your favourite Huatulco property. Enjoy some amazing snorkelling. And then a wonderful buffet lunch is served. This is also a great excursion to book a private group. In other words, a day your wedding group will never forget!


Authentic Charm

One of the best parts of Huatulco is the authentic charm. It’s a rare opportunity to go back to old Mexico. Enjoy authentic food and great fare. Above all, you won’t see a Mcdonalds. Or any fast-food chain for that matter. Take a short cab ride to town for a wonderful day of shopping. Visit the town’s quaint church. Located right in the city center. And don’t forget to pick up some authentic weaving crafts.  They are amazing and oh so original.


In conclusion, Huatulco Mexico Destination Weddings are ideal. Because of fantastic seasonal direct flights.  And better yet it’s probably somewhere none of your guests have been before.  Making it the ultra ideal location to marry.