How to Find Out What Engagement Ring Design Your Partner Wants

It’s finally that time in your relationship when you want to ask for your partner’s hand in marriage. If you find yourself stuck and confused about what ring to buy, you’re not alone. You would want to be able to buy the perfect ring for the love of your life. But what exactly is the ‘perfect’ ring for her? 

Here are all the best tips to find out what engagement ring design your partner wants (without her knowing you’re looking).

Ask Her Bestfriends

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The first step is getting help from the closest people in her life. These are her best friends, her siblings, and even her parents. They will most likely be the best people to help you find the right ring design. They’ll either already have an idea exactly what she wants, or you can do the shopping alongside them. Have a browse through these popular 1 Carat Engagement Ring Designs to see what she might like.

Have a Peek Through Her Social Media

You might be in luck if you can find a few hints of what engagement ring design your partner wants on her social media platforms. This can either be Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. A little hint goes a long way. You might even discover the type of jewelry she likes. For example, if she loves jewelry that’s bold and big, she’ll most definitely prefer a ring with a bigger diamond. On the other hand, you may discover that her preferred jewelry style is something minimal and simple. The little ideas that you can get through her social media may just be the key to buying her the right ring design.

Plan a Surprise Visit to the Jewelry Store (with friends, of course)

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Another sneaky way to get her to share the type of engagement ring she wants is to get her friends to take her out on a shopping day, and invite her to browse through jewelry at a store. They can casually try on different rings for fun, and have her reveal exactly what type of engagement ring she would love to receive. This is a great way of getting the information you need without her ever knowing what’s going to happen.

Have a Peek Through Her Personal Jewelry Collection

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A great way to understand exactly what ring style your partner would love for an engagement ring is to actually peek through her own personal jewelry collection for the significant clues you need. Investigate what type of jewelry she likes to wear, and if possible, what type of rings she owns. This might just give you a good idea of what type of jewelry she prefers wearing.

Reminisce Through Old Photos of Special Occasions

Everyone loves to look their best during the most special occasions in their lives. These could be birthdays, weddings, significant occasions for work, or even just date nights. It’s also at these occasions that they will wear their favorite accessories. You’ll be able to tell a lot by what someone wears at the most memorable moments of their lives. This is a great way to determine if she likes something simple for her jewelry, or if she loves wearing jewelry that stands out as a statement piece.

Conclusion - Don’t Worry, She’ll Love it!

You might find yourself feeling quite stressed out if you have yet to find out what engagement ring design your partner wants. It’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed with the entire engagement ring shopping process. It would be wonderful if you could give your partner the exact ring she wants. But it’s also not necessarily a must-do. In fact, she will most likely love any ring you choose for her. Don’t worry too much and enjoy the search. But also trust in your own instinct on what you think she would love. At the end of the day, it’s your gift of a future together that will mean the world to your partner.

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