How a Hard Rock Wedding Looks

Here at Liz Moore Destination Weddings, we love the Hard Rock Hotels! They are for wedding groups looking for a seriously good vacation time! They were nice enough to share some of their photos with us so we wanted you to get an exclusive look at how a Hard Rock Wedding would look. The stunning photography was taken by Everlasting Moments Videos & Photography. Lets take a peak!

IMG_6369Gorgeous Surrounds Firstly, can you imagine getting married on a beach? The ability to have amazing photos in a tropical landscape? They picked the write place to celebrate their love, they are gorgeous!


Absolute Love These beautiful photos showcase not only the love between this couple but what it feels like to have a rockstar wedding. You could almost think they were celebrities. The dress, resort, tux, and atmosphere creates this amazing celebrity status feeling. So beautiful!

What a place to say. I do

IMG_6374 Kisses at the beach… IMG_6375

Saying I do

IMG_6377 Officially married… Hard Rock Wedding

Congratulations to this beautiful couple! We hope you enjoyed your Hard Rock Wedding!

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