Getting Married in Finland

Would you like to consider Getting Married in Finland? Because we know winter weddings always add up to snowy,  love-filled romance. And most importantly,  incredible photo opportunities.  We have a fantastic wedding venue for you to consider. It is located in Finland and it is the Luvattumaa Levi Ice Gallery.  In addition, this venue combines panoramic wilderness and bright fields of gleaming white snow. Not to mention, one-of-a-kind ice castles.  Similarly, beautiful hand-sculpted ice sculptures and amazing food can be enjoyed here. And let’s not forget unforgettable room accommodations. Above all, we want to show you that a magical winter wedding event begins at Luvattumaa Levi Ice Gallery.

Finland Iconic wedding venue
Luvattumaa Levi Ice Gallery main entrance
Finland ice castle venue
Luvattumaa Levi Ice Gallery ceremony venue

Legendary Snow Chapel

Let’s start by stating Luvattmaa’s snow chapel is legendary. It’s known as  the “Castle of Promises.” It offers a bright and beautiful hotel. As well as a lovely art gallery. This hotel season also aligns itself perfectly with the winter wedding season. The calendar months for this venue are December through April. Book your wedding here and your guests will be in awe from the moment they arrive.  If you like, choose a candlelight ceremony under a glistening dome of ice.  The snow, ice and sculptures will dazzle you, everyone.  You can also experience one of a kind sculptures. They create new sculptures, each year.  Best of all,  you will enjoy dream wedding photos, like no other.

Getting married in Finland
Beautiful venue for getting married in Finland.

Affordable Wedding Costs

Winter weddings can be affordable at this venue.  Special wedding packages are carefully crafted. With your wedding wishlist in mind.  They design your wedding with your budget in mind.  First, allow yourself to be serenaded by Lappishi instruments. They play melodically as you walk down the aisle. Then enjoy special entertainment by the in-house Shamin. He will sing and thoroughly entertain you and your guests.  Secondly, wedding packages are tailored to every size of the wedding group.  In addition, you can purchase paid entrance fees to the ice gallery. And private ceremony options are also available.  Most importantly, you can purchase videography and photography.   In addition, don’t forget the adorable reindeer ride option. For instance, imagine arriving at your ceremony in a  reindeer driven sleigh. That will have your guests talking for years to come.

Delightful Wedding Reception Options

You and your guests will delight in a wonderful wedding reception. Seated amongst snow lit Ice Castles. In addition, surround yourself with amazing sculptures and artwork.  When it comes to cuisine, the staff keeps food as local and as fresh as possible.  Surround yourselves in the sweet smell of baking bread and delectable Finnish sweets. Above all, enjoy a daily feast of hearty and appetizing morning breakfast delights. In addition, delight in beautifully framed artwork and handicrafts. Purchased these treasures in the gift store. Relax and unwind by the hotel’s open fire. Enjoy a sparkling champagne toast and get your reception party started. Even better yet drink a pre-reception cocktail in the Ice Bar. And then let the reception festivities begin.

Gorgeous wedding venue image
Gorgeous image of wedding venue
magical accommodations
Magical wedding accommodations

Honeymoon Nights under Icy Bright Lights

Enjoy your honeymoon night embracing under a cold, crisp ice castle ceiling.  Room accommodations are made remarkably warm and refreshing.  Snuggle up close and keep warm and cozy all night.  Beautiful hand-carved works of art adorn your room accommodations. Rooms are really spectacular to view and experience firsthand. Be sure to book your room well in advance of your wedding night. Most importantly, wake up after your wedding day celebration in serene, blissful heaven. After that, enjoy a fire restaurant breakfast along with Finnish baked delights.  I love the homemade Finnish Doughnuts.  You have to try them.

Extras Entertain and Delight

It’s all in the little details when it comes to your wedding affair. All the devil in the details planning stages is carefully thought of.  Carefully hand-picked wedding staff assist with all your wedding needs. You can book a disco or even live music. You might want to create your own music agenda that can be set up via an iPod.  Hair and makeup options can assist with your pre-wedding beauty time.  You and your bridesmaids will sparkle and shine as brightly as the hand-carved ice sculptures.  Everything imaginable is arranged for your special day. For instance transportation to accommodations on and off the property.  You can book fireworks here right on the property. Imagine bright, bold shooting stars of colour explode against the dreamy white night sky. Your wedding night will be a dream come true.

Above all, I hope you consider Getting Married in Finland. Firstly, I love everything about Luvattumaa-Levi-Ice-Castle for creating an original one-of-a-kind winter wedding. Secondly, it’s a must-do if you have always dreamed of a winter wedding.  Thirdly you have us as well as the highly trained staff at the Levi-Ice-Castle to make it happen.  In conclusion, your most joyful and fun-filled wedding day events are just a snowball’s throw away. Please consider the LuvattumaaLevi Ice Gallery for your winter wedding wonderland. Additional information can be found at: Visit Finland Website. Also for great winter dress ideas please check out Dress by Season Guide
Liz Moore
Destination Wedding Expert