10 Tips for the Future Destination Bride


Tips for the Future Destination Bride

By Nata DiBartolomeo

Here are my story and advice for a Future Destination Bride

Primarily, after getting engaged the idea of doing a destination wedding became more prominent in the following weeks to come. Through our research, in where to hold our event, we came across an excellent company – Liz Moore Destination Weddings. Through the process, we were thrilled with the notion that Zackary Leblanc-Amato would be our agent. He helped me, and I would recommend him to any future destination bride.

future destination bride
Dreams Riviera Cancun, Mexico

As a bride, thinking that a destination wedding would be easier, is somewhat of a misconception in the sense where “bride stresses” are still there. I tried to make every step as easy as possible for my guests. Especially knowing that paying a large sum of money to be there for our big day is a big commitment. Fortunately, we had an incredible company that was trained and experienced with the process and stresses that came with organizing a group.


The Big Day for a Future Destination Bride

Through the wedding planning process, we became friends with Zack and invited him to our wedding where he gladly accepted. As I woke in the morning, I made myself busy and made some necessary changes for that day. For example, I delayed hair appointments for myself and the bridal party. That way, we could enjoy a relaxing day in the sun with my people.

The call to walk down the aisle had arrived, and I was super nervous. At this point, my feet were killing, and I was more worried about my beautiful shoes getting ruined. So, I whipped them off and decided right then and there to walk barefoot; best thing I ever did.  The rain held out for my walk down the aisle, and a rainbow appeared. This situation gave me a moment of clarity that this was the best day of my life. The ceremony was beautiful, and although it was very windy, it ended with a forever kiss and an excited bride and groom who will spend the rest of their lives as husband and wife.


The Reception for a Future Destination Bride

On our way to the cocktail hour the rain was cooperative and not only did we get some magical pictures, but the party had officially started. Furthermore, before being announced into the reception area, all of a sudden a big gust of the wind along with a downpour. It drenched my husband and me, along with all of our guests. At that moment I had to make the fateful decision and tell my wedding coordinator that we needed to be move inside. The reception, which was my favourite part – oppose to marrying my love – was rained on and unable to accommodate my party.

Zack quickly took charge of the situation and gave me a bit of bliss and relief making my night sparkle by candlelight, the way I wanted it too. The staff was able to move everything safely and quickly, to give us the reception of a lifetime.

I recommend the Dreams Riviera Cancun to anyone who is looking for a great adventure and the wedding they feel that they deserve. Furthermore, here are my tips for a future destination bride.


Tips from one destination bride to another:

  1. Pick a destination that YOU want. Don’t try to please everyone because you won’t; someone will always have something to say.
  2. Don’t worry if everyone you want to be there decides they’re unable to make it. – Life happens and you can’t help that.
  3. Trust your Destination Wedding Agent.Notably, he/she are there to help you and are there for you when you need them.
  4. Make your vision clear with your assigned wedding coordinator. In the greater scheme of things they are there to sell you a service, so don’t be shy to ask questions and demand what you want (after all it’s your wedding).
  5. Try and bring someone with you to make them in charge of your wedding coordinator.It could be a friend or a family member or maid of honour (bridal party member), whoever can take charge. You don’t want to be the one making all the decisions during your days there and on your wedding day. This way, it’s easier to have someone by your side helping with the rational/ logical decisions and fine details. And, to keep your wedding coordinator in check. (Let’s be honest unless your fiancé is hands on, he’ll be drinking with everyone like mine did. But I love him just the same, and I wanted control). Kirton_Art-34
  6. I’m going to say, try not to stress, but I know you will.What’s perfect about this experience is that you’ll be marrying the love of your life. Therefore, the material things don’t matter as much.
  7. Every bride goes through and feels the same way as you.Moreover, reach out to past brides and ask them how they dealt with the process and stresses of being a bride. It will help put things into perspective for you and ease your mind because it will be going 100 miles/hour.
  8. A destination wedding holds the same stress as a wedding here.Therefore, it is a little easier but doesn’t blindside as planning and organizing, and email follow-ups are all part of the process. As a side note, you can make your destination wedding more cost –efficient than an at-home wedding, which is a bonus. Notably, you get a vacation for a week with your favourite people).
  9. Don’t be upset if you are the only one thinking, “this is my wedding, not a vacation”.Importantly, enjoy the fact that all these people are there for you and your fiancé and are having a blast because of you. It’s just your stress and nerves talking. Unwind, enjoy the fun. Therefore, don’t back away from your guests, they want you to be happy and having fun too.
  10. Try to stay a couple of extra days after the week you’re all there.All though you love everyone who was there for you, you’re going to want to spend some time alone with your new husband and unwind from everything that just happened. Including – planning, organizing, stressing, crying, drama, etc. Sure enough, it will go by super fast, so catch yourself. Remember to stop for at least one moment to take it all in.

Love always,
Nata DiBartolomeo


In Conclusion,

Importantly, we want to thank our guest writer Nata DiBartolomeo for her tips for the future destination bride. Ultimately, we hope you found these unique and if you want to hear more from Nata, let us know!

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