Krista and Kirk Dreams Huatulco Mexico!

Krista and Kirk Dreams Huatulco Mexico!

Firstly, Krista and Kirk wanted somewhere unique and different for their special destination wedding plans.  Dreams Huatulco, located at the very South Western region of Mexico, came to be the perfect choice for them. Also, Dreams Huatulco offers three ceremony locations: Beach, Gazebo and the Rendevous Terrace. Therefore, they offer eight different reception areas including the Oaxaca Grand Salon Ballroom.  Furthermore, our great wedding couple Krista and Kirk share this: “We recommend Dreams Huatulco to any couple looking for a quaint, off the beaten path, beautiful wedding spot! Moreover, our wedding was amazing and many of our guests recall it as one of their best vacations and wedding experiences.” So, I agree with you Krista and Kirk; Dreams Huatulco is a unique resort for destination weddings, and Huatulco offers up a  great vacation experience.

The Couple 

1Huatulco beachfront.
Primarily, beautifully framed in love! Dreams Huatulco offers a great beachfront for special wedding photos.
.2 krista and kirk in the beach
Moreover, I love Krista’s wedding dress!. It frames her figure beautifully! Dreams Huatulco Weddings.
3 Dreams huatulco beach couple weddings
Furthermore, beautiful smiles shared by Krista and Kirk in this special moment!
4 couple on the beach married.
Beautifully, Krista and Kirk are officially married. Congratulations to you both!
5couple has picture taken on the beach
Also, Beautiful Sunsets abound in Huatulco Mexico!

The Ceremony

Comparatively, an example of a beach ceremony set up at Dreams Huatulco. Photo by courtesy of Dreams Huatulco.
7ceremony set up example
Moreover, ceremony decorated with flower Gazebo. Picture courtesy of Dreams Huatulco.
8 beach runner for the ceremony Dreams Huatulco
Therefore, the runner makes this beach gazebo unique and beautiful. Image courtesy of Dreams Huatulco.
9dreams huatulco chair set up for ceremony.
Grey and Yellow work here for a ceremony colour. Photo courtesy of Dreams Huatulco.

The Reception

10dreams huatulco weddings
Live music can add flare to your wedding ceremony and reception.
11wedding cake in different colours
Customise your cake colour to your Wedding colours at Dreams Huatulco, Mexico. reception photography
Also, what a magical wedding reception nights are a given at Dreams Huatulco, Mexico. Like this, photo courtesy of
13Himitsu Restaurant
Consequently, Enjoy the Himitsu Restaurant for your pre-wedding rehearsal dinner!
14Oceana Restaurant located and dreams huatulco mexico
Finally, the Oceana Restaurant located in the perfect place for magnificent beachfront area receptions!