Destination Wedding Paradise: Cozumel Palace – Liz Moore

Firstly, it was such a delight yesterday to head over to one of my very favourite properties, Cozumel Palace. You’ll find a true Destination Wedding Paradise: Cozumel Palace. This island wedding paradise is located on the sunny, charming, and truly authentic Mexican beach island of Cozumel. Furthermore, if your dream wedding involves marrying on an exotic private island, Cozumel Palace is the next best thing. Also, this resort and destination are a divers and snorkelers oasis! A mere walk to the edge of the property will get you right in the heart of some of the best snorkelling and diving to be found in Mexico.

Cozumel Palace offers Padi Certified Divers

Importantly, Padi Certified divers will experience the second largest coral reef in the world. Marry at Cozumel Palace, and you’ll have this and one of the most laid back, relaxing wedding ceremony and reception opportunities in one of the most beautiful Islands in the Caribbean. Let’s check out these wedding paradise pictures in Cozumel Palace!

Cozumel Palace wedding gazebo
First of all, perfectly private wedding gazebo located on the second floor overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Picture courtesy of Palace Resorts.
Wedding Paradise
Consequently, dive right off the resort peer into some of the best snorkeling anywhere — image Courtesy of Trip Advisor.
4 Cozumel Palace infinity pool by the ocean
Therefore, enjoy the Beautiful Island pool overlooking the magnificent Caribbean Ocean. Photo Courtesy of Trip Advisor.
6 Cozumel Setups- for weddings
Furthermore, Cozumel Palace wedding collections are a perfect match for this island Oasis. Image courtesy of Palace Resorts.
9 Cozumel-Palace-Wedding- wedding collections.
Notably, the shimmer and sparkle wedding collections – a perfect compliment to this oceanfront property.  Photo courtesy of Palace Resorts.

Destination Wedding Island Paradise

7 Cozumel Setups-36 Wedding Gazebo Collection
Also, the Caribbean Sky’s the limit when it comes to your wedding colour scheme available at Cozumel Palace.  Image courtesy of Palace Resorts.
8 Cozumel Setups- evening sunsets
Importantly, evening Sunsets are Spectacular here at Cozumel Palace, Mexico.  Photo courtesy of Palace Resorts.
Stunning wedding gazebo at Cozumel Palace
Moreover, beautiful wedding photography opportunities at this charming Gazebo.  Image courtesy of Palace Resorts.
Weddings at Cozumel Palace are unforgettable
Finally, if this moment could last forever, they look so happy! Unforgettable weddings at Cozumel Palace.  Picture courtesy of Palace Resorts.


Finally, if you would like more details on Cozumel Palace and its amenities go to our in-depth resort page.