Having Your Destination Wedding at Moon Palace Cancun!

Having Your Destination Wedding at Moon Palace Cancun!

The Liz Moore Destination Wedding team is thrilled to be here at Moon Palace Cancun Golf and Spa located in Cancun, Mexico. Furthermore, Moon Palace Cancun is one of the most diverse and unique properties you’ll want to share your very special wedding vows.  From Horse and Carriage weddings to traditional Catholic and Indian wedding ceremonies you’ll have every wedding option under the sun at Moon Palace Cancun! A multitude of activities and restaurants within the Moon Palace facilities are here to enjoy the day in and day out.  Moreover, your guests will have endless fun and remember your wedding vacation experience for years to come when you book your group wedding at Moon Palace Cancun! Check out their website here!

1 Moon Palace80 horse and carriage wedding
Feel like like a princess when you arrive at your ceremony with Horse and Carriage! Photography Courtesy of Moon Palace.
2 Moon Palace hair salon
The hair and make-up salon at Moon Palace are spectacular. They can create your wedding vision perfectly! Photography Courtesy of Moon Palace.
3 Moon Palace great for family weddings
Want the perfect place to marry with your family. Look no further than Moon Palace! Photography Courtesy of Moon Palace.
7Moon Palace has great beach wedding options.
Beach weddings are very popular here at Moon Palace! Photography Courtesy of Moon Palace.
8Moon Palace wedding photographers.
Moon Palace has knowledge and experienced wedding photographers ready to assist with your wedding plans! Photography Courtesy of Moon Palace.
9Moon Palace has great wedding options
Having the time of their lives here a Moon Palace Spa and Golf!  Photography Courtesy of Moon Palace.


10Moon Palace has great photographers
Creating unique photo memories for you to share for a lifetime! Moon Palace Spa and Golf. Photography Courtesy of Moon Palace.
11Moon Palace white sand beach
White sand beach and Caribbean Blue skies mixed with Moon Palace = Perfect wedding day! Photography Courtesy of Moon Palace.
Moon Palace weddings are great
Memories of your wedding will be here for a lifetime when you marry at Moon Palace. Photography Courtesy of Moon Palace.
Moon Palace Cancun
Choose a Sand Ceremony to add to your special ceremony day. Photography Courtesy of Moon Palace.