Destination Wedding Guest Attire

We are often asked by guests about Destination Wedding Guest Attire. For instance, your guests might be having some trouble figuring out what to wear. In addition, on your special wedding day. Destination Wedding Guest Attire can be a bit tricky. However, we are here to help alleviate some stress. In other words,  casual or sophisticated, we are here to help. wedding?  Now, let’s get to it and check out some wonderful options for your upcoming family or friends’ destination wedding!

Simple, But Colourful Guest Attire

I have to admit; I love this dress. It has elements of wearing something simple but also dressing up for a wedding. You can make this outfit more classy with beautiful accessories. Or dress it down with just a pair of cute sunglasses. This dress is a great option if you want something high-waisted, more dressy, and can match with accessories.

Destination Wedding Attire WeddingAttire2

Short and Floral Destination Wedding Attire

Comparatively, if you are thinking, “I want to show off my legs at my friend’s destination wedding!” A short and floral dress is an excellent choice. In addition, if you want to wear a short dress. Consider matching the colours to the theme of a destination wedding. Floral and bright colours are always going to stand out. And have you feeling confident. For more guest wedding attire tips check out: Guest Wedding Attire Tips.

Destination Wedding Guest Attire WeddingAttire3






Short, But Unique

Moreover, if you are going to a destination wedding in Mexico or the Caribbean, you might want to consider this option. What’s nice about this dress is that you can combine this look with a cute summer hat or accessories. If you want to show off your legs and arms, find a halter like the ones below! Here is an additional link to more great destination wedding guest styles. Destination Wedding Guest Looks.


WeddingAttire6 Destination Wedding Guest Looks

Long, Can Flow, and Blue

Now, blue doesn’t mean a particular blue, pick a blue for your complexion. What’s nice about the colour blue is that you can’t go wrong with that at a destination wedding. A beautiful, long, and flowing blue dress will look great in pictures, keep you cool in the hot weather, and will be easy to pair with accessories. You can also pull this off with any hair colour!

Wedding attire for guests WeddingAttire7




Super Casual, But Adorable

Finally, long skirts with either one or two slits are very popular at the moment. Pair this with a cute crop top or a classy top to complete the look. Sometimes, you want to dress more casual, and a great thing about destination weddings is that you can do that. Therefore, make sure that ask the bride and groom if there is any dress code and if not, you can rock this look!

WeddingAttire9 Wedding Attire for destination wedding guests

We hope you enjoyed viewing some of our most popular Destination Wedding Guest Attire. If you are a bride reviewing this information, wonderful. Here is a link to lovely destination wedding dresses, in addition. Bride To Be Wedding Dresses. We are always here to assist in providing information about our favourite designers. Most importantly, have a wonderful destination wedding.