10 Non-Beachfront Destination Wedding Gazebos!

When couples think of their destination wedding ceremony location, it naturally comes with sand, water, and beautiful, tropical sun! However, there are many resorts worldwide that offer beautiful destination wedding gazebos set just off the beach rather than within the beachfront area. However, there are lots of pluses with off beach wedding gazebos, namely bridesmaids and guests can wear dress shoes easily. Therefore, this will give your ceremony a more formal and traditional feel to it. So, here are some of my favourite off beach ceremony gazebos each with their unique flair and style!


1 Barcelo Palace Claudia rodriquez.com
Firstly, Barcelo Palace Riviera Maya, Mexico. Photo by Claudia Rodriguez Photography. How beautiful is this Destination Wedding Gazebos?


2 Cabo Del Sol Clubhouse and alec and t photography
Also, Cabo Del Sol Clubhouse in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Photography by Alec & T Photography. This is a gorgeous view of the ocean!


3Dreams Las Mareas adventure photos
Furthermore, we have Dreams Las Mareas, Costa Rica. Photography by Adventure Photos, look at the beautiful colours!


4 Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos alec and t photography
Importantly, we have the Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos, Mexico Wedding Gazebo. Photography by Alec & T Photography. Love it, these destination wedding gazebos are so beautiful!


5 Le Blanc spa and resort cancun
Comparatively, we also love Le Blanc Spa and Resort Cancun, Mexico. Claudia Rodriguez photography captured this destination wedding gazebo amazingly.


6Maui Cosmin Danila maui wedding set
Moreover, check out Maui, Hawai beautiful off beach setting. Photography by Cosmin Danila. The palm trees are stunning!


dreams riviera cancun Mexico
Dreams Riviera Cancun, Mexico. Stunning off Beach Wedding gazebo. Once again, amazing colours for a destination wedding. You can’t go wrong with a soft pink!


8Secrets The Vine has beautiful gazebos for weddings
Secrets The Vine Cancun, Mexico is perfect for adults only off beach wedding ceremonies. You can see the water and it truly looks magical.


hyatt ziva Puerto Vallarta
Also, Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta has a brand new beautiful wedding gazebo. It is simple, yet so elegant. How happy does this couple look?


Destination Wedding Gazebos
Lastly, so many options for off-beach wedding ceremonies! Photography by Claudia Rodriguez Photography.

In conclusion, You don’t always need a beachfront wedding gazebo. Sometimes, the off beach destination wedding gazebos can be just as beautiful.