Gorgeous Destination Wedding with Amber Kelley Photography

Amber Kelley Photography

Gorgeous Destination Wedding with Amber Kelley Photography

Today, we have a lovely feature on a wedding that occurred in Paradisus La Esmerelda, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico! The beautiful couple, Andrea and Corey Brymer, got married on April 9th, 2016. We have spoken to their photographer, Amber Kelley Photography, about herself and her company. She was kind enough to send us these incredible pictures, so we want to tell you more about her and clearly talented she is as a photographer! Let’s check it out!


About Amber Kelley Photography

I was always that friend, you know, the one with the camera, taking photos of all of the events. But it wasn’t until I met my husband and had my two kiddos that I wanted to be a photographer. Always having the appreciation of having memories captured, able to look back on- like that first look a husband gives his wife as she’s walking down the aisle, trying to fight the tears. Or the 80-year-old grandmother getting down on the dance floor.


All those little moments you can never get back, except through photography. We started capturing weddings in the Austin, Texas area but wanting to combine our love for travel with our passion for photography; we decided to open our destination wedding market. I’ll never forget the time we drove into Tulum, wide-eyed in this vibrant yet laid-back, bohemian town. This is the moment our eyes were opened to what life is really about. The people were so alive and happy. You couldn’t help but smile.


What We Love About Amber Kelley Photography

As you can tell, these pictures are breathtaking! Of course, it helps that this couple is so gorgeous. However, Amber Kelley Photography captured their important wedding day moments perfectly. The subtle smiles, getting ready with their friends, and saying “I do” is captured with ease. The reason for that is because they have the experience, a great team, and knowledge about destination weddings. They know the perfect time and place to have the wedding pictures that you deserve. Your wedding photos are something that you are going to cherish for the rest of your life, so make sure you go with a company that is going to capture those moments exquisitely.


Amber Kelley Photography Service

Another great thing about Amber Kelley Photography is that they can cover everything you want when it comes to your photography needs. You can check out more information on their website but for now, let me give you an idea. They can take care of your engagement pictures, bridal, boudoir, trash the dress, and all of your destination wedding photos. Also, if you need videography as well, they can do it! So you can do a one stop shop with Amber Kelley Photography!


Amber Kelley Photography Style

“Our style of photography has really evolved over time. We started with a more traditional style, very posed, and have gradually strayed away from that. Now we offer our clients what we like to call Artistic Documentary styled photo shoots. This is our way of saying we take a pure, blissful moment, raw and natural and as it is, and capture it. We want the real emotions and expressions that come naturally to whomever we’re working with. Then, our in house editor edits tones and colors to best compliment the feeling of the settings and the expression or mood. So, we use our creative side to turn your image into a story!

Will we pose you? Yes. But these “poses” will not be stiff, cold, or unnatural. Think of them as guidelines. We lightly pose to put the best lighting where it’s highlighting your features, or to see the way your soon-to-be husband admires you when you aren’t paying attention.”


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