Derrel Ho-Shing Photography Destination Wedding Interview

Derrel Ho-Shing Photography Destination Wedding interview
Melia Tropical Punta Cana

Derrel Ho-Shing Photography Destination Wedding Interview

We have had a few features about Derrel Ho-Shing Photography; however, this one is a little more personal. So, we decided to ask Derrel a few questions about his company, advice for destination wedding brides, and some of his favourite spots. Now, let’s get to the Derrel Ho-Shing Photography Destination Wedding Interview. If you have any questions, leave them in a comment below, or you can find his contact information below.

Derrel Ho-Shing
Melia Tropical Punta Cana

What is your name, occupation, and company name?

 Hey guys, thanks for having me on again. My name is Derrel Ho-Shing, I’m a destination wedding photographer based out of Toronto Ontario, Canada, and my company name is Derrel Ho-Shing Photography
Royalton White Sands Montego Bay Jamaica

How long have you been doing photography for destination weddings?

I did my first destination wedding in early 2012

What is your favorite location for a destination wedding so far?

There are so many beautiful spots, but overall I’d say Jamaica. Jamaica is my home country, so I guess I’m a little biased. But the sunset, weather, beaches, the food (can’t top the food), the music, the people, the culture and the vibe is what puts Jamaica on top for me. Plus the some of my favourite destination wedding images have been taken in Jamaica.

Hard Rock Resort Punta Cana

What do you love about destination weddings?

Being from Toronto, I’ve pretty much shot everywhere you possibly can. So shooting a destination wedding is new territory for me and the bride and groom as well, even if I’ve shot in that country before. It feels great getting away from the cityscape and capturing new sceneries. Not to mention the great weather, beaches and getting to know the couple and their friends more, in a relaxed environment. I’m all about building relationships and developing friendships.

I find on local weddings, and I’m able to do that, but destination weddings give me a lot more time to develop those bonds. It’s like developing a plot or character in a Movie vs. a TV series. Sure you can develop a great plot or characters in a 1.5 or 2-hour movie, but a television show with five seasons or so gives you way more time to develop the plot and to become connected with the characters. So I liken a destination wedding to a great TV series, I want to get connected with my clients and their friends and family, and I also want them to get connected to me. 

Grand Palladium Montego Bay Destination Wedding
Grand Palladium Montego Bay Destination Wedding

What are some wedding tips you would give to future brides?

The first tip I’d give a future bride is to bring your photographer. DON’T rely on the resort photographer. They do basic/decent work. You won’t get any creative or dramatic shots, which is one of the reasons you chose a destination wedding. I even had one resort photographer ask me basic fundamental questions like “what does that umbrella do?” I can’t make this stuff up.

Grand Palladium Resort & Spa Montego Bay Jamaica Destination Wedding
Grand Palladium Resort & Spa Montego Bay Jamaica Destination Wedding

Second tip, TIME. The Sun waits for no one, not even the bride. We all revolve around the sun’s schedule, so it’s important to know your calendar. Find out when and where it sets, knows how much time you’ll have for photos. Allow enough time for hair and makeup, as this is usually the main culprit for delays, which usually ends up pushing everything back and cutting your sunset photos short. 

How would you describe your photography style? What sets you aside from the competition?

 All photographers have the same cameras, same lenses, we shoot at the same venues, we have the same sun, skies, and clouds. But we all have different personalities. No one is like me. So that’s why I take the social approach. I become an extension of the bridal party. Importantly, I am not perceived as a “vendor” or a stiff outsider. I get in the mix, I mingle, I crack jokes, I get to know you and your guests while provoking, directing and capturing moments. Also, I embed myself in your wedding’s energy. This positivity is how I set myself apart from the rest.

Royalton White Sands Montego Bay Jamaica
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