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9 Reasons Claudia Rodriguez Photography Captures LGBTQ Weddings Beautifully

9 Reasons Claudia Rodriguez Photography Captures LGBTQ Weddings Beautifully

Primarily, here is the 9 Reasons Claudia Rodriguez Photography Captures LGBTQ Weddings Beautifully. Claudia is in LOVE with weddings! She’s been photographing destination weddings for twelve years now.  Furthermore, her commitment to you both is to deliver a breath-taking story of your wedding story. Claudia and their photo studio team are available extensively in the Riviera Maya/Cancun area but are available in other destinations as well. Moreover, please check out her beautiful work on her website. So, we have a dedicated team of LGBT Wedding experts ready to assist with your wedding plans!  LGBTQ weddings are now legal in Mexico in all regions!


 Claudia gets an amazing picture of the couple
Firstly, I just love the incredible expressions of joy Claudia captured at this moment after the ceremony!


Couple walks down the peer with seagulls
Magical almost the way Claudia gets this perfect timing with the seagulls as the couple walks down the peer.


 Birds are present in this bridal photo
Again it’s just amazing how perfectly the birds present themselves in this particular moment between the couple.


 couple in the wedding picture and background beautiful
Consequently, the couple is the primary focus of this stunning picture, but the background remains beautifully there as an artistic touch!


 couple have a moment together during ceremony
It’s moments like these that remain etched in your minds and hearts forever when captured on film!


 Wedding picture of couple in lush tropical setting
Beach pictures are always beautiful, but there are so many more options. Claudia can create your wedding your way.


 Couples are smiling with joy after the ceremony
The couple’s smiles and joy are an incredible memory taken at this moment right after the ceremony.


 stolen moment caught between wedding couple
Claudia takes an incredible stolen moment in this artistic wedding photography!


Claudia Rodriguez Photography Captures LGBTQ Weddings
Finally, don’t forget all the fantastic photographic opportunities available at your chosen resort.