British Columbia Vineyard Weddings

Welcome to the six reasons why you should consider British Columbia Vineyard Weddings. Firstly, you’ll want to consider all the pros of having a wedding in a vineyard. There are numerous great reasons to consider. Secondly,  British Columbia Vinyard Weddings are becoming super popular for their beauty, natural surroundings and overall costs. Above all, you’ll want to read about some of the reasons we find them so great. Lastly, we are here to help if you need additional information about British Columbia Vineyard Weddings. You can also ask questions in our comment section. So, let’s get to it!

Vineyard Wedding

Vineyard Weddings are Filled with Creativity

What’s great about having a wedding in a vineyard is that you have the materials and space to be creative. Most importantly, you can incorporate wine-themed décor, barrels, and much more. Similarly, you can even have wine bottles as a beautiful centrepiece with flowers! In other words, we just love the rustic and eclectic look of a vineyard wedding.

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Vineyard Weddings are Classy

Another amazing thing about a vineyard wedding is that beauty usually surrounds you! For instance, between the ceremony and the reception, you are bound to have such an elegant wedding. As a result, it truly is a magical place to celebrate your love.

Vineyard 5

British Columbia Vineyard Weddings are Unique

Depending on how many weddings you have been too, a vineyard wedding can be a unique spot for your wedding. Firstly, even if you have been to a lot of vineyard weddings, you have the opportunity to decorate it completely differently. And what about those amazing backdrops. Above all, the Okanagan region is filled with stunning vineyards with glorious mountain backdrops. Click here for more information about Okanagan Weddings Okanagan Weddings.

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If you pick the right vineyard, you guaranteed to be in the presence of fabulous wine! Plus, vineyards are a place that constantly has guests.  So you know that the staff will be experienced and ready to take on anything that you need. British Columbia has amazingly warm and inviting wedding personal. You are in great hands with BC’s best wedding planners. Our manager of Okanagan weddings is a dream to work with. Keeley Dahl.

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What I love about a wedding in a vineyard in how romantic it can be for a wedding location. Not only is the location, view, and venue romantic but you can set up candles and lights to make your whole wedding reception glow!

Vineyard 3


Last but not least, another great reason to have a wedding in a vineyard wedding is for wedding photos. If you are looking for picturesque wedding pictures that will have you melting, the vineyard is the place to be.

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