Brad&Dan – LGBT Love in Riviera Maya Mexico!

We have some wonderful LGBT love photos from our clients Brad and Dan! They got married on May 2nd, 2016 at the Grand Sunset Princess, in the Riviera Gazebo. We are so happy for them and hope they are enjoying married life! We hope you enjoy some of our favourite photos that they shared with us.

1. The rings are such an important part of the wedding. It symbolizes the love and unity you have with the other person. These matching rings are amazing, they not only symbolize their love, but pride.


2. I love this photo because you can see the joy on everyone’s face! Pre-wedding celebrations are a wonderful time. Brad and Dan are sharing it with their parents and bridesmaids


3. Brad and Dan had their mother’s place their boutonniere’s on them. I love this idea because it’s almost the same idea of giving someone away. I am sure their mother’s must have gotten very emotional!

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4. This photo of their beautiful ceremony must have breathtaking for them and their guests. The gazebo was set up so elegant, not to mention being surrounded by the beautiful ocean was a plus!


5. They walked down the aisle together hand in hand. I thought this was really touching because it shows them ready to leap into marriage together. They are supporting each other and being there for each other.

6. You don’t always see a lot of photos of couples signing the marriage certificate but I love it! I think it’s a very vital part of the ceremony. This is such a beautiful moment between these two.


7. A great touch to this wedding was the fun matching sunglasses! They are all different colours and the guests all look great together! This wedding looked like so much fun, I wish I could have been there!


8. One of the best parts of having a destination wedding is how romantic it can be. These newlyweds are enjoying a perfect moment together on the beach. How much more in love could they be?


9. The final photo is Brad and Dan with their gorgeous bridesmaids. I love their matching dresses and the visible friendship all of them have together. I also love how the bridesmaids are wearing their sunglasses and Brad and Dan have them in their pockets. They look so natural together!


 I have to  say that I just loved blogging about this wedding! The colours, themes, and landscape were just beautiful. Congrats to Brad and Dan, we really hope you enjoyed your wedding and are now enjoying married life!

Paige Moore

Director of Communications for Liz Moore Destination Weddings. She enjoys writing about all things wedding, travel, and fashion. Notably, she has a BA in Communications and currently located in Sydney, Australia.
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