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Anna Kim Photography – Kim&John

Anna Kim Photography – Kim&John

We are excited to share another wedding ceremony from Maui photographer Anna Kim! We love when she sends us photos because they are drop dead gorgeous. Sign me up for a Anna Kim Photography in Maui!!

Our featured couple is the beautiful Kim and John. The photos featured below are just a sneak peak into their wedding day and trust me, they will make you wish that you were there. Let us know your favourite and if you want more information about Anna Kim, contact us or check out her unbelievable website

Amazing idea, hanging the dress before the weddingunspecified-1The groom going over his vowsunspecifiedSo does sheunspecified-2As they wait patiently to become man and wifeunspecified-4Capturing the moment the ring goes on her fingerunspecified-5The beautiful receptionunspecified-6Kisses by the oceanunspecified-7Looking at each other as newly wedsunspecified-8Another look at the ceremonyunspecified-3Cutting the cake togetherunspecified-9

What I love about Anna Kim Photography is that they seem like they are right out of a wedding magazine. Even though you can’t see their faces in some of the photos, it really captures the moments they had together.

This small, peaceful ceremony looked like it was amazing. The colours, themes, and photography, definitely made this wedding look unbelievable (which it clearly was). Not to mention the happy couple. You rocked it Anna Kim Photography!

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