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5 Reasons Why Americans Love Destination Weddings

Primarily, many Americans are now considering Destination Weddings like never before. Therefore, this post will outline the 5 main reasons why Americans love Destination Weddings so much! Furthermore, if you have any questions or concerns about booking a destination wedding, please email us or chat with us. 

1. They Can Book with a Variety of Companies

One of the great reasons why Americans love Destination Weddings is that they have a variety of specialists that they can contact to start planning their dream wedding. Therefore, a great thing about a Destination Wedding is that you just have to get in touch with a Destination Wedding travel agent specialist to get started.

Advice: Did you know that Americans can book with the Canadian company, Liz Moore Destination Weddings? You don’t always have to find someone in your city, state, or even country!

Reasons Why Americans Love Destination Weddings

2. They Can Fly to a Variety of Places

Another amazing reason for Americans and even Canadians to have a Destination Wedding is that they are pretty central to some beautiful locations! Furthermore, some of most popular location are Mexico, The Caribbean, and Hawaii. Americans and Canadians can fly to these locations and countries without travelling too far and not spending too much money.

Advice: Thusly, the more people that you book for your Destination Wedding, the more money you can actually save per person. You can even get some perks as well! If you are flying relatives for your wedding anyway, why not fly them to a beautiful location.

Reasons Why Americans Love Destination Weddings

3. They Can Have a Unique Wedding

Moreover, Destination Weddings are becoming more popular, but it doesn’t mean that everyone has them. The United States has a massive population, but only 36% of Americans have a valid passport. Consequently, you might be thinking, how will all there wedding guests be able to go? Well what a great reason to get a passport! The best part, you can make your wedding a unique experience for not only but all of your guests.

Advice: Essentially, start letting your guests know as far in advance as possible. You want your guests to be able to book time off, get a valid passport, and plan other arrangements. The sooner you let them know, the better. 


4. Location, Location, Location

Essentially, the United States is a beautiful country, however, it might be nice to have a different backdrop for your wedding. Thusly, a destination wedding can allow you to have some of the most wonderful wedding photos. No matter where you take your photos, the beach, resort, or the jungle, you will have a vivid memory of your gorgeous wedding.

Advice: Importantly, rrides should consider doing a “Trash the Dress” shoot, you can end up with some amazing photos.

Reasons why Americans love Destination Weddings

5. They Save More Money

Although it may seem like a Destination Wedding might be more expensive, a reason why Americans love destination weddings is because it can actually save them money. How? Because, if you add the cost for your relatives to come, decor, venues, food, and accommodation, it adds up.

Advice: Furthermore, the best thing that you can do if you are on the fence is call a destination wedding travel specialist. Essentially, they can give you the rough cost of your absolute dream wedding and you can compare the price. Check it out!

An unforgettable wedding at the Barceló Maya Beach in Riviera Maya and Beach Trash The Dress

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