11 Sweet Destination Wedding Cakes

11 Sweet Destination Wedding Cakes

Who doesn’t love a wedding cake and what better way to enjoy a piece of delicious cake than on a sandy far away exotic beach paradise with all your closest family and friends? When it comes to wedding cakes, your wedding coordinators have lots of great options for colours and styles to match any wedding decor! Here are some of my favourite destination wedding cakes to make your day sweeter!


 Destination wedding cake on beach
What an amazing picture the destination wedding photographer shot of this wedding cake!


 elegant wedding cake
Elegant and yet simplistic at it’s finest describes this destination wedding cake!


 nice themed wedding cake
Super sweet theme perfect for a beach destination wedding theme!


 beachside wedding cake with ribbons
I just love the way the ribbons and flowers compliment this cake. Look at those gorgeous colours too!


 cake with blue table
Beautiful cake and I like the blue table top it sets the cake apart!


 happy couples with wedding cake
What a happy couple and what an amazing wedding cake too!


 gorgeous wedding cake in Maui
Gorgeous colours in this cake- what a perfect match to the florals used in this event.


 really nice wedding cake on beach
This is a spectacular cake and the flower arrangement on top perfects the look!


 decorations with flowers on wedding cake
I just love the arrangements of flowers in this stunning beachside wedding cake


1 purple wedding cakes are really popular
Purple is a very popular wedding colour these days -love the contrasting colour of flowers used here.


Sweet Destination Wedding Cakes
That Moment Photo captures a fantastic wedding photo opportunity with this couple!