10 Handy Airport Tips to Help Get You Up and Away!

First of all, I had some extra time and let’s face it who doesn’t have trouble at the airport. When I went to Costa Rica a few weeks back I took some airport pictures and thought I give you guys some advice. Here are some helpful handy airport tips that will make your time go a bit faster and save you some money before flying off to destination wedding paradise!

#1: Accessories

Airport store for headphones and other great options for when you fly
Airport store for headphones and other great devices for your plane ride abroad

Primarily, our first hand airport tips is to bring your headset for plane entertainment. If didn’t, you can purchase at most airports before departing. The cheap ones are also available for purchase on almost every airline.

#2: Books

purchase a book before you board your plane
Grab a book at the bookstore before you board your plane – Handy Airport Tips

If you like books, I suggest buying before you head to the airport for a better selection but bestsellers are always available at the airport to read on the plane or beach cabana at your resort!

#3: Luggage

Its great to weigh your baggage before you head to the airport
Weigh your luggage before you head to the airport

Always, always weigh your baggage before departing to avoid excess baggage fees as they can be crazy expensive. Leave some extra weight for those tourist buys you know you are going to buy.

#4: Assistance

Call ahead to your airline to have wheelchair assistance
Carts are available for guests who need wheelchair assistance

Assistance can be made available for guests with mobility issues just remember to set this up in advance of your flight.

#5: Line-Ups

Get to the airport early when you are flying
Getting to the airport early can mean avoiding long line-ups in security.

Getting to the airport early ensures you will most likely get your seat request, get on the plane along with your luggage and get through security with plenty of time. It takes some of the stress away from flying! Not having liquid Items over 3 oz in your carry on will help speed up your time getting through security.

#6: Starbucks

Handy Airport Tips
Who doesn’t love a Starbucks coffee while waiting for your plane to take off!

What don’t we love about having Starbucks, and other favourite coffee stops to kill the time before getting onboard. Coffee shops can open as early as 5:00 am in some airports- Sweet!

#7: Last-Minute Items

 You can find lots of items when you are waiting for your flight
Lots of last minute items for purchase can be found at the airport

Forget your scarf, hat or other miscellaneous items, most airports have gift shops, duty-free to purchase those last minute items. My favorite purchase was tweezers that came with a light that you can buy while onboard your aircraft. They will be waiting for you on your return flight.

#8: Technology Stations

You can work at an ipad or computer station at the airport
Some airports now have iPad, computer stations in pre-boarding areas

So many airports now are installing iPad, computer stations that are great for getting some of that last minute office stuff done or just filling up time before your flight departure. Either way it beats watching the planes take off for what seems like hours otherwise.

#9: Food

You can purchase healthy food options before boarding your plane
Fast food and also healthy food options can be purchased before boarding

If you don’t like airline food and it’s likely that you won’t, there are some great healthy alternatives you can purchase before boarding. It’s also great for restricted diets and children who may be happy with some extra snacks!

#10: Currency Exchange

 You can exchange your money to the local currency at the airport
Currency convertors are available at the airports

Finally, our last handy airport tips, it’s always best to convert your local currency before departure. However, if you need money exchanged, most major airports will have a currency converter attendant available either before departure or upon arrival at your destination.