What Should Be in My Destination Wedding Welcome Bag?

Destination Wedding Welcome Bag

What Should Be in My Destination Wedding Welcome Bag?

Now, a welcome bag isn’t always necessary for a destination wedding, sometimes it can be a nice touch for you guests. This list will give you some suggestions that you can include! Importantly, if you think that we are missing any items, let us know in the comments!

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First of all, a letter can be a great thing to include in your destination wedding welcome bag. It can be customized to exactly what you want it to say and even include lovely pictures of you and your future husband! You can also outline what the trip is going to be like and other details about the wedding.

The Wedding Itinerary

Furthermore, you can include exactly the times and places for your wedding day! This will also make sure that no times or places get lost in translation among your guests. It can keep things organized and easy for your special day.

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Little Tropical Essentials

For your destination wedding bag, including little tropical essentials can be great for guests to get into the travel mood! This can include treats, water bottles, sunscreen, or whatever you might think they need for a great vacation!

Resort Map

A resort map can be a great addition to your destination wedding bag, especially if you decided on a big resort for your wedding. You can also circle or highlight certain areas particular to your wedding!

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Moreover, some little snacks and treats can be nice, especially after a long flight. They can also help fill the bag if you are running out of ideas for the welcome bag.

Destination Gifts

Additionally, you can grab little items that are customized to your location. Whether it’s somewhere in Mexico, the Caribbean, or Hawaii, you can include trinkets that will have your guests remembering your wedding for years to come.

Resort Activities/Excursion

Lastly, some great information for your wedding guests is the activities and excursions that are near or at your resorts. This will get your guests extra excited to partake in some of these adventures.

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