Why You Should Have a Beautiful Destination Wedding in Costa Rica

Firstly, when most people think of destination wedding locations, they picture Mexico or the Caribbean. While those are also great options, Costa Rica is now becoming another popular location for that destination wedding you have been dreaming about! We have some reasons below outlining why you should having a beautiful destination wedding in Costa Rica. So, let’s get to it!


The reason that landscape in number one on this list is because Costa Rica if filled with endless and magnificent options for your wedding. Whether you want to be in the presence of volcanos, waterfalls, the beach, or mountains, you will be lost in beauty.

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One of the best things about booking your destination wedding in Costa Rica is that you can have a fantastic place to say “I do.” Even though Costa Rica seems small, there are so many options to choose from for your wedding. Talk to us about exactly what you want for your wedding and your guests, and we will find the venue for you!

The Spring Resort and Spa
The Spring Resort and Spa


What we love about Costa Rica has a destination wedding spot is your wedding will have an abundance of adventure. The activities from hiking to ziplining will have you and your guests continually excited for the next excursion!

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Importantly, Costa Rica is a great option because it’s different. Most of your friends and family have probably never been to Costa Rica, which means it will be new memories for everyone. There is something there for everyone and what better way to celebrate your wedding!

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If you have traveled all the way to Costa Rica for your wedding, you might want to consider having your honeymoon there. Depending on if you want to backpack or relax in a resort, Costa Rica is a romantic spot. You can travel to another location or somewhere else in Central America!

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Now, on the scale of the cost of weddings, Costa Rica can still be expensive on the destination wedding front. Comparatively, if you are debating between having a wedding at home or a destination wedding, that is where the cost comes in. A wedding at home on average can cost couples over 25,000! You can save money by offering your guests a vacation of a lifetime.

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